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Advice needed 2022 - building a home

29 days ago

There are several limtied discussions, most are at least a few years old... so I am starting again.

I bought a lot with a finished granny flat and space for the primary house. (Develop's parents died mid project so they finished this and moved on.) I am ready to explore the process and move forward. While it is not ideal economic times, it isn't horrible either, and thankfully I have a good job.

I had a designer put together a proposal, but he was unable to finish the plans. Gave me what he had (CAD and pdf files) and a partial refund, but they are unfinished and I am back almost at square one.

How should I proceed? Archictect who designs and builds? Home builder who knows an architect?

This is a modest project, (3 + 2m ~1600 sf) with a hoped for budget around $450-500k. Not even sure that is realistic, but I feel it is worth doing if only to complete the investment potential of the property.

Thanks for all your thoughts. Pic of the finished granny flat as appreciation tax. :)

(ps This is in Northern CA, Solano County)

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