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Am I making myself crazy, how can I approach my yard issues better?

Jess Barrett
2 months ago

So I’m starting to drive myself a bit crazy here with my yard and what I believe to be weeds but maybe I’m wrong. I’m hoping someone can answer my several questions below. I tried to document all of these in pics…

I’ll continuously get these smaller batches of what I thought was tall fescue but from what I read tall fescue will grow faster than the grass around it which doesn’t seem to be the case for me. Also they will typically pull out by hand pretty easily which I also don’t believe should be the case with true tall fescue. So what are these patches that are driving me crazy as I just can’t unsee them and I’m spending too much time obsessing over them and pulling them by hand ☹, reseeding, and watering. Pics #4,5

I have dogs and every year when I go to repair the pee burns I find that no matter what grass seed I use there always seem to be a handful of seedlings that look like weeds to me but maybe they aren’t actually weeds after all and I’m spending all this time and energy pulling them when it’s not necessary. I guess the reason I think they are weeds is that they seem to be a bit lighter in color and grow faster than the other seedlings around them. I also showed a pic of what the seedlings look like when they are pulled out. Pics #1,2

There is also a section of what I believe to also be weeds that I’m curious on how to get rid of as well, this picture isn’t the best so apologize. Pic #3

ANY advice would be greatly appreciated as I feel like I’m not approaching these issues the most efficiently and cost effectively.

Thanks in Advance

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