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Picea mariana - experienced opinions please.

4 months ago

I started this tree from seed procured from Shefields, winter of 2020. Planted out in the yard that spring. It was a little spindly with small needles but hey, it's a seedling.

August 2020.

It got a little winter burn the next winter but I pruned it off and tied up a branch for a new leader. Worked good. Tree was almost 2ft. tall August of 2021. Still looked like a spindly seedling but hey, just it's second year right?

Spring of 2022, no winter burn, broke bud and is growing vigorously. Shouldn't this tree start looking like a black spruce by now? Still has the slim needles, slanted forward on the branches, somewhat prickly but not as stiff as I would've expected. About 3 ft. tall.

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