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Companions Apartment Patio Gardens Flowers and herb combo

Sam Syvoravong
6 months ago

Has anyone ever tried this experiment with adding flowers and herbs together into one raising bed garden for small space patios? I think it brings out the colors and vibrant of mini gardening and edibles for those who have limited space and want to garden. I find that not many people do this often as I scroll through apartment complexes around the urban area for the fact of the uncertainty of plants in a tight space of an apartment balcony or patios. I will need to post up some pictures within one to two weeks as most of my current and recently brought herbs and flowers from a nursing garden center were drooping and not in good shape because of high heat temp during this time and the late comers like myself as a beginner of herbs/flowers companion gardening in the apartment. From what I can see with my newly Apartment garden I can already see flowers and herbs reacting to my secret experiment within the 3 days time frame in a very tight companion gardening on a balcony/ patios gardening!!!! And the only sun I get is coming from the East in the morning and shade in the afternoon. My luck is in the next 8 days I will see the result of the growth and flowering and how much potent and natural my secret plant's food works!~~~~~~

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