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Potted Meyer Lemon dropped all its fruit

My 5 year old potted Improved Meyer Lemon flowered abundantly Jan - Feb, and set at least half a dozen lemons. I was hand pollinating with a tiny brush.

I'm in zone 5b, and grow this under lights from late October through April.

It had some unknown issue in March and dropped a lot of leaves - I think I might have overwatered. It recovered from that, then I saw it got infested with scale insects (that seems to happen every winter). I started spraying with Neem oil. But still, the baby lemons stayed on.

By May I moved it outside. It immediately put out healthy new growth. I removed all the scale insects visible and continued weekly spraying with Neem oil. It put out a few new flowers 2 weeks ago.

But now it's dropped all the dime sized fruit it set back in March. That's never happened before.

What am I doing wrong?!

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