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Nutrient information for compost materials?

David Scruggs
2 months ago

I'm curious if anybody knows of a source to find the nutrient make-up of foods we compost. Something like (completely made up numbers) 100g of banana has Xg carbon, Yg phosphorus, Zg potassium etc. I'm trying to figure out, roughly, nutrients in, nutrients out, to say something like if I make a compost pile of 20lbs of banana peels, 5lbs of tomatoes, 3lbs oranges and whatever browns, I can expect the nutrient profile of the compost to be xyz. I hope I'm explaining this clear enough. Or I suppose really if there's anywhere that has information on the chemical contents pre/post decomposition, that would be helpful as well. Please let me know if this isn't very clear and what I need to make more clear. Thank you all for any help with this.

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