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bermuda grass in spreading shrubs

8 months ago

For starters, we live in the country and have every possible type of grass growing in our 1.5 acre yard.

Several years ago, I planted 'grow-low' Sumac on the back (south) side of our house to create a loose hedge, which I love. However there's Bermuda grass growing in the area, and the two have become VERY entangled.

The advice of the best nursery in the area was to cut back the sumac and then spray the Bermuda grass with Fertilome Kilzall. (They didn't think Over the Top would kill it). So I have done a fair amount of cutting back, but I really don't see how I can spray with Kilzall or Round-up because A. I now have fresh cuts that could absorb it and B. There's still plenty of Bermuda grass entertwined in the many woody stems that remain. I COULD kill the grass a bit farther away.


1. Is there an herbicide that's really effective on Bermuda grass that wouldn't hurt my sumac?

2. How long is a cut of a woody stem considered a fresh cut?

3. Any other suggestions?

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