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Light green leaves

Cait CK
7 months ago

Alrighty folks. 2 weeks ago my husband and I tediously redid our entire flowerbed. We removed all the plants, precariously dug around the 6 clematis armandii, and amended at least 2 ft down all the way through the bed. All of the clematis except 1 had roots that had hardly grown past what could be contained in a gallon pot 😬 we found lots of clay, removed some of the heavier clay, added loads of compost. We added some alfalfa meal when replanting the clematis and were able to bury them lower by doing all of this. I also watered some epsom salt in last week.

SOOOO after all of this, we've had 0 change in the leaves 🙄 they're still light green. WHAT GIVES?! We have noticed these new bright green bud looking things at the base of each leaf stem and some have shot up like a separate brach with it's own leaves. Is this just new growth?? One of these little shoots grew more than 6in in the last week alone! And all of the ones that are currently growing excessively are at the top of the clematis 🧐