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Wall or cabinet mount range hood dilemma height constraints / too low?

last year

Here's the current kitchen setup for reference:

The range hood is currently 20-21 inch from the stove, supposedly that may be too low, ideal is 28" minimum for (that) gas stove?

Cabinet above the hood is 18.25 inch height, lowest height for stock cabinets to replace with in a kitchen remodel is 12 inch, unless I try to do custom cabinetry route. Using 12 inch cabinets, that only gives an additional 6 inches leeway. The current hood is 6 inch high, but replacement I want is likely 8 inches unless I go for same style or even lower profile hood. So that only gives me about 24-25 inch from stove, unless I go low profile route. But I'd rather not go low profile hood unless it's very good CFM rating and easy to clean because I was thinking of getting Pacific TruSteam series hood. For custom or hacky cabinet route, was thinking of putting in a 8 to 9 inch high cabinet or shelf to mount hood to, that would allow an 8 inch profile hood be installed with still 28 inch from stove distance. But is 8 to 9 inch height enough clearance to mount hood and hook up the ducting? For the custom cabinet height route, if I wasn't getting one custom built, I was thinking of using stock cabinets in a different size and rotate it 90 degrees to get my desired size of 30 wide x 9 high x 12 deep, and just have the door hinge at top/bottom, swinging up/down. Using stock cabinets like these:

Alternatively, could look into wall mount hood options, removing the cabinet above, but there's an attic space above, which lowers the ceiling. So unless altering or opening up the attic above to gain more height, the floor to ceiling height limit is 6 feet 8.25 inch, with attic opened, max 8 feet 3.75 inch. Based on how attic is, I'd rather not open up the attic. But I'm wondering with these ceiling heights, particularly the lower limit, whether that makes impractical to install a wall mount. I read wall mounts can be installed on higher ceilings using extensions for the chimney sheet metal cover, for lower ceilings, that cover could perhaps be trimmed, but I suppose up to a certain length, wonder what the minimum lowest ceiling height limit is. Would still like to achieve 28" distance from stove for a wall mount.

The duct goes straight up the attic to the roof, attic height is 19.5 inch. I'm having the kitchen cabinetry replaced. This is the only dilemma about the range hood replacement and trying to get within good distance from stove.

What would you do/suggest in this scenario that I have?

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