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Combi steam oven comparison + help (Miele, Gaggenau, Thermador, Wolf)

4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

After scouring discussions, user manuals, and going to appliance stores, I made a chart for comparing the 30" CSO brands I'm considering. I'm still waffling, but I hope this helps other people. I want to use the CSO for most of my baking, but will still get a convection oven.

The highlights

Miele XXL- most cooking modes and levels of steam control. Plumbed. Good sized interior. Touch panel seemed responsive in showroom. Critical issue for me is the max convection steam temp of 435F. I have many bread recipes that use higher temps.

Thermador- fewer cooking modes and levels of steam control. Not plumbed. Largest interior. I saw more complaints about service, but not sure how much weight to place on that.

Gaggenau- even fewer cooking modes than the thermador. No bottom heat only. Similar levels of steam control. Plumbed. Smaller interior. I like the side door. The salesperson at the appliance store said they were the most reliable, but also the most expensive.

Wolf- least amount of cooking modes and steam control. Not plumbed. Smallest interior.

Let me know if there are any mistakes or thoughts that might help me make my decision.

I can't figure out how to make a table in houzz, so I attached a picture.

Edited the table: Note that I didn't include all the special modes especially from Miele.

And I made a similar table comparing convection wall ovens and range ovens because I was curious. I've mostly made up my mind to go with a cooktop and wall oven.

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