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How does Bona Domo compare to Bona Traffic HD?

last month

I am having white oak floors refinished and I want to go with the natural look Based on numerous posts i read here it seemed like Bona NaturalSeal with 3 coats of Bona traffic HD would be the best (though i did see anfew posts about issues with Traffic HD likely due to user error with an unforgiving product)

my floor refinishing contractor has recommended Bona NaturalSeal with Bona Domo finish. He said that traffic tends to amberize die to the hardener that is mixed in, and that Domo stays more clear and is a fine product.

I cant find anyrhing written online anout Domo aside from marketing copy, and the product apprars to only be about 2 years old.

Does anyone know anything about Bona Domo? is it good? bad? how does it conpare to traffic HD? does Bona Traffic HD really amberize a little?

thank youbin advance for any advice or info!!

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