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What is the best way to hang a Wall Mounted Coat Rack?

last month

I have a 45 width space in my house's entryway. I want to hang a wall mounted coat rack there and then place a bench below it.

There two studs that are 16 inches apart centered with respect to the wall. So there's 14.5 inches to the left of one stud and 14.5 inches the right of the other stud (from center of each stud).

There multiple studs at either end of the wall to support door framing. One side has the entrance doorway. The other side has a doorway to a bedroom. Hopefully this is clear.

Before I looked into this in detail I figured whatever coat rack I found, I would be able to secure it to the studs in the wall. Then I ooked at multiple available coat racks that have 6 to 8 hooks. Some mention wall anchors for drywall that are provided while other just mention wall hanging hardware is included without any further details. I guess it makes sense that using drywall anchors is the most general solution not dependent on stud locations.

But I'm really hesitant about using drywall anchors to support a coat rack with 6 to 8 hooks. I would rather secure it to the studs.

So the best thing I could think of is to forego any included mouting anchors and secure it to the studs directly using black or some other dark color screws. Then a bunch of other questions come to mind like what about any pre-drilled holes for the wall anchors? If some of these racks are composite material is it wise to drill more holes? Adding to this is the fact that for many of the racks the details on mounting are sparse to say the least (especially with respect to Etsy products).

Am I being too worried about the drywall anchor solution? Your insights are appreciated.


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