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Kitchen cooktop woes

last month
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My husband and I bought a 2002 house with original appliances. The cooktop barely functions and I need to find a replacement. It's a JennAir down draft that is roughly 34x21". I haven't been able to find another cooktop that would fit the opening in the granite especially as a downdraft. We had someone out to give us a quote to install a normal exhaust but the way the 3story house is build there is no where to run the ductwork above the cooktop so I'm stuck with a downdraft. I've tried contacting various appliance stores, contractors, remodelers and even granite shops to try to find a solution and they say they don't do small projects or suggest that we replace counters, cabinets, remodel the kitchen or give some other expensive option. While I wouldn't mind some form of remodeling and it might be an option down the road, I need a functioning cooktop now. I'm out of ideas on what to do and would like some suggestions. The granite at the front and back of the cooktop appear the be glued in place and the back piece is broken so they probably wouldn't be hard to remove if needed.

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