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Bright white or off-white cabinets

last month

Im in chosing which white cabinet hell. i keep going back and forth. the bright white almost feels too white but we also have drywall ceilings and an 80s kitchen so im sure the general dinge makes it look brighter. the off white i like when the rooms getting a lot of direct natural light but thats usually for a few hours in the morning into early afternoon and i find myself turning on every light to get the true soft white appearance vs dingy. I wish there was a white in the middle but theres not.we need new lighting though-i have a call in for the estimate as well.. i would love to just wait until our new floors are in and walls are painted but its a 15 wk lead time and if i wait another 8 weeks for the floors/finish to decide were talking christmas time for instal which is not ideal. im just afraid of making the 17k wrong choice.

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