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The death of the dining table?

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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a dining table, and have been for about a year. I can't find anything that I like, and I'm wondering if I'm looking in the wrong place, or if the dining table has died, or if this particular vexation is simply an incorrigible personal problem, lol. My tastes are a blend of traditional and modern; I guess you could say, ecletic vintage, with a handful of not-corny chalk painted pieces. My tastes are going more traditional as time goes on.

The problem is, I am not into this 4 turned leg farmhouse slab of wood look, especially not when distressed. Buy a weathered piece of furniture... is this some kind of joke? lol.

Nor am I into an overwrought nouveau riche "traditional" dining table with beading, acanthus leaves, claw and ball feet and scrollwork, that is so so busy.

But then actual traditional antique tables, are either often structurally compromised, or a bit too old-fashioned looking, or just too dark.

Is there anything in between? Something maybe with pretty veneer inlay that gleams, but isn't ostentatious? A simple form, with some, not a lot, ornament? On the formal side, without being fussy?

I like the double pedestal look because the legs of the table aren't competing with the legs of the chairs visually, and you can slide in so many extra chairs at gatherings with no table legs in the way.

Any suggestions for where to find my unicorn much appreciated. Etsy craftsmen, vintage markets (though online those are soooo overpriced sometimes!), manufacturers, style names, etc. Thanks all.

Best wishes,


This is a table I recently went to see; I liked the top, but, the bottom had two double pedestals that were too ornate. It was close (for me, with my particular tastes), but the pedestals were just too much. I would have paired this with much more simple chairs as well.

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