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Cookies, do you delete,Tangential to “Do you use the patient portal…”

last month

Tangential to my question about privacy and regarding the use of ”Patient Portals” the unique ISP (Internet Service Provider) identifier that is part of every digital intereaction you make (here, patient portal, google, grocery orders, emails, perusing photos, pet treats, real estate, true crime, health and news articles you read…), I have a similar (tangential) question.

Do you routinely erase your cookies or history after so many intereactions or days?

And, if so, why?

And you are aware that ”cookies” (that are largely to help ypo and the site keep track of what your interests are, what you have already looked at or ordered and so on) are not the only way in which your (all) comings and goings on the web, email, texts can be tracked?

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