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induction slide-in range advice

Folks, I was hoping to solicit some advice. My fiance and I are redoing our kitchen, and are seriously considering an induction slide-in range (the alternative is a regular electric range - sadly, there's no gas in our area). In particular, we're debating between a Bosch 800 series (8057U) and a GE Profile (PHS93XYPFS).

As we debate, two questions for the group. First, what have experiences been like in terms of the noise produced by either GE or Bosch induction units? It's hard to get a handle on how noisy different induction options are, and consumer reports can only take you so far. I'm somewhat sensitive to high pitched whines...and we have dogs (whom we don't want to annoy with clicks, pops, whines, etc).

Second, is there a difference in repairability across GE and Bosch? My sense is that GE is more readily repaired, but Bosch may be designed to be more durable...however, that's just a sense. Any advice helpful!

Thanks in advance!

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