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Do you use the “Patient Portal” for your doctor?

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Do you use the “Patient Portal” for your doctor?

I have several doctors who invite their patients to use the ”Patient Portal” to view their various reports and through which to ask questions.

I have not done this for a few reasons, one of which is privacy. Of course all medical practices insists that all data is secure. That is open to discussion.

Recently, a huge diagnostic imaging corporation (Shields) revealed that it had been hacked and patients’ medical and personal information was compromised (names, addresses, insurnace information, DoB, SSN).

Another concern is that of the ability to identify an individual or party through their ISP identity which (as I understand it) is an out-of-view data component of all transactions through your computer or device. Granted, your doctor or her/his staff will not likely see this, be aware of it, or care. However, they are just a segment of the potential ”eyes” falling on the data that is transmitted with any digital transaction such a site visits and communications as well as email. (I imagine that there are some eyes glazing over at what I’ve written.)

Do you use patient portals? Do you have concerns? Do you just use them without any worries or concerns?

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