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I downsized sized my daylilies this weekend

sherrygirl zone5 N il
last month
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Well I did it…..downsized some daylilies this weekend. Other than eliminating most of the stella d’oro years back this was a first for me. Got rid of some poor performers and a few I didnt like that much. Poor performers were Spectral Elegance, Opposites Attract Attention, Blue Beetle and Rainbow Dragon. Rosy Returns and Siloam David Kirchhoff left too, and an unidentified daylily. I added six new ones this spring so no increase for this year. BTW, Spectral Elegance always suffered from bud drop, 20% was normal. This season bud drop was over 50%, bye bye, had enough of that on my suburban lot, space is a premium.

I have added alot of daylilies the past three seasons, just waiting for them to get to clump size. This/my aging process has me evaluating what I am growing, I gotta love it for it to stay. I added balloon flowers in a couple spots where I removed the daylilies, they always look good.

What are your thoughts? Any changes in your garden?


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