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Small room challenge

Su Mo
last month

I have a very small "sitting room" in a 1938 farmhouse. About 12x14 in size. One wall has windows and a fireplace. The other three walls contain doorways to a bedroom, a bathroom (the only one on the main floor, so guests have to use it), and a hallway/mudroom to the kitchen. We use a slightly larger room as our living room, as it sits next to the kitchen and allows for better flow. This room is a pass-through, a TV room, a music room, etc., but has no real defined purpose or personality. Because if the three doors, all the furniture feels jammed up against one wall and it lacks balance.
The rug is too small and temporary, plus I intend to recover the spool chair to work with the color scheme.
I love rustic, farmhouse, boho and grandma chic.
Help!! What would you do with this room?

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