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Dekton counters, countertop

last year

I have found the visual pattern of the marble I love in a Dekton counter color, called Entzo. The material of the color is only available in matte, which I want but… Dekton’s matte surface feels very different than others. Have you seen it used or used it yourself and do you love it or have criticism? I would love honed marble but don’t want to have to baby a kitchen countertop so I’m looking at non naturals.

I have a gorgeous Italian marble Calacatta Gold vanity top in our guest bathroom and it’s what I wanted to recreate for the kitchen. Most colors/patterns I’ve seen by Cambria quartz and similar man made brands do not mimic the real look of my Calacatta Gold at all but the Dekton Entzo sure does. (See photos below of the Dekton and of my vanity top and keep in mind the color of my vanity marble looks much warmer in person, more like what you see in the Dekton). So any input on the Dekton matte surface, or Dekton Entzo color specifically if you’ve seen it is appreciated (or any input in general!).

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