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new kitchen layout - wall not even

Susan D
last month

Hello…..please help! When measuring my kitchen for a remodel we noticed that one end was roughly 6 inches shorter than the other end. We then realized that hidden behind the pantry is a section carved out of the kitchen for a closet on the other side. I’ve attached some photos. I was hoping to make this wall all cabinets as we have just taken down one wall to merge with the sunroom and I have lost all of those upper cabinets.

I’m not sure what to do. Would it look ok for the cabinets and countertop to be 6 inches further out for part of that length (about 58 inches), then move back to follow the wall?

I don’t want to make the wall flush and lose those 6 inches. That would probably be the easiest solution but my space is tight already. Any suggestions?


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