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Coming On Strong

last month
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Most plants are especially vigorous this year. Those that aren't will receive extra scrutiny, with some for sure exiting. Newly divided plants are not performing well.

A few days of cold nights followed by bright sun pretty much ruined blooms, but the season is moving rapidly.

These are just some on my screen for some reason.

Get R Done

JP Moneybags --taken a bit too early; hence soft focus

My Heart Belongs to Daddy --caught a ray of sun in the morning

Velvet Hammer --first few blooms were splotchy

Stop the Car

All American Chief

More gradually added. Please do not comment till end.

Safe Island. Soft early morning focus, but also a bit lighter from the heat. I like this one a lot, but most find it ho-hum.

Spunky Girls really showed her stuff this year.

Etched Eyes with Green Mystique. EE has looked very good, despite the heat.


Another pic of JP Moneybags

Mister Butters has presented one picture moment after another.

Seventy Times Seven. I'm surprised that many don't like this, but some hate anything pastel.

Destined to See --not a great lighting for a pic, but the group was too nice to pass up. How many pictures don't end up deleted because of bad lighting!

Heavenly Dark Matter --big blooms with a greenish cast early. Really makes a statement in the garden.

Painted Demon has not looked that good this year.

Glory to His Name was on a list for exiting, but came on strong.

Gimmee Gimmee Gimmee

Geneva Firetruck has had a mass of blooms.

Rose Masterpiece had such a nice group, but then was hit by sun from early morning on.

Ain't She Nice I find can be difficult to photograph, but this time the lighting was perfect. I like nearly all colors, but many, like Laura, deplore pink.

Since Houzz has been so cooperative, I'll add another Safe Island sitting on my screen, but again, a soft focus from a bit too early (though must have been 10).

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