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Need help redesigning Berlin apartment layout, please

last month

Hi All,

Hoping that the Houzz community can help us here!

Our family is planning to move to a 125 m2 (1350 sq ft) apartment that was built around the 1910s in Berlin, on 3rd floor with high ceilings (3.5 m/ 11.5 ft). The place needs substantial renovation, and we plan to redesign the layout of the place; however, we’re in need of ideas and inspiration for the new layout. I’ve included the current layout (in German and in m2). We’re looking at the highlighted portion.

We haven’t yet been able to go in and see it in person, but as far as we know:

  • we can’t do anything to the exterior (i.e., no moving or expanding windows)
  • there is only one drain pipe (see red X between kitchen and bath)
  • we’re pretty sure the thicker lines indicate load-bearing walls
  • there are two doors to enter the apartment
  • There are currently two fireplaces, marked in green Xes (they are called „Kachelöfen“ - see 2nd picture for example). We will get rid of and hope to replace the one with the circle around it with a modern fireplace.

What we would like, ideally:

  • two kids’ rooms
  • a bigger kitchen (with room for an island or a decent sized table)
  • Two bathrooms (one full w/ bathtub and one guest)
  • a bigger bedroom with room for a desk (for remote working) for us
  • Creative ideas to brighten up the place without being able to move windows

We appreciate any and all suggestions. Thank you!

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