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Help for Lighting Over Dining Table

So looking at my photo of my dining room, you can see that I currently have no lighting over the table. This area was originally called the family room, but we use it as the dining room since it’s all one large room with the kitchen. The formal dining room around the corner is being repurposed as a library.
I have taken over 3 years getting lighting installed because of cost, as well as confusion. Originally, I thought to put a long linear pendant over the table, but could find nothing that worked well. The room is large and my table is a good 10 ft long. I have pretty much decided that 3 lights would look better, perhaps hung at different levels so it looks less formal. According to the rules of keeping 6 inches clear on each side of the table, I could use lights up to 30 inches wide. But I’m thinking that large would look overdone if there are three…perhaps 18 to 24 inches wide would be good? This area has a high, sloped ceiling, so probably they should have a bit more height than width? Please let me know if I’m thinking on track or not.

Input would be much appreciated. My taste pretty obviously runs toward farmhouse/French country/shabby chic. The island lighting finish is rust colored and I want something above the table that complements the island lights.

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