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Countertop sos help on fixes

last month

Help. Just spent $$$$$ on kitchen remodel. Perimeter quartz countertops came today. Huge disappointment. Rounded corners (1 inch radius. ) I voiced disappointment. I thought I had been clear. With designer chose squared eased edge. Which I thought included corners. NOW she says no that's just edge. She says I never said I wanted square corner. But the picture to choose the squared edge WAS a corner so I thought one in same. Fabricator claims they do 1 inch std due to safety. I think it looks terrible and completely out of the style of the complete remodel. I'm so upset. Any ideas how to fix? Am i stuck with this horrible counter I just have to learn to ignore in my brand new kitchen. Am I in the wrong for being so upset,? I feel they should have specifically asked about corners and not assumed!

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