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Zone 9b California Evergreen Shrub Recommendations For Fence line?

last month

Looking for lowest maintenance year round privacy shrub recommendations for creating a headge at will grow at least 10 feet in height and will be easy to keep pruned to fit in a narrow planting space against a 6 ft fence.

By low maintenance, I mean not having to do much work with cleaning up dropped leaves or other debris (berries etc.) and also not being delicate needing protection from harsh summer afternoon sun or very occasional winter frost.

I understand that pruning will be necessary. So, I’m looking for a happy medium between fast initial growth so I am not waiting a decade for it to be filled in and tall enough to provide privacy at least 4 feet above the 6 ft fenceline, but also not needing ”constant” pruning to keep it from overgrowing depth wise and encroaching into the limited walking space that’s next to the fence. It probably is not a good idea to try to keep a plant that wants to be 20 feet deep pruned to 3 or 4 feet deep.

If i can get by with quarterly or even less frequent than that pruning, that would be ideal.

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