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Seedlings, clumps and trying to catch up on first of the season blooms

Brad KY 6b
6 months ago
last modified: 6 months ago

Chance Encounter clump from yesterday. Yesterday was truly clump day. Everywhere I looked was wow. Only photographed or posted some of them. All the clumps & duos etc. are from yesterday.

Quasi-Quasar duo

Desert Icicle

Solomon's Robe trio

Christopher Russell clump

Lord Chamberlain duo. It is a lot like Strutter's Ball.

seedling Bombay Silk x Vintage Wine duo. So good. 5 scapes, three this color [even richer and darker in person], 1 this color but not as rich, one lighter, 15+ buds each, some around 20. One of the tallest in the garden.

both of the Chance Encounter x Full Grown kids.

Another Laura Harwood x First Light seedling. Not dark purple like the first 2.

Vintage Wine x ? Plenty of buds and height, color not real good. Maybe next year...

I will finish this post. Didn't get to the FFOs


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