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This is definitely not White Dawn, right????

5 months ago

One of my Home Depot purchases has its first bloom and it does not look like White Dawn to me! Could it be Blossomtime? They also stocked Blossomtime (I actually bought one but it promptly died and when I took it out of its pot the roots were shredded and covered with mold) or if anyone has any other ideas as to the ID, I'd love to know what it could be.

Long canes have me guessing that it is a climber, and I would call it moderately thorny since the thorns are big but well spaced out. The leaves are medium green and very healthy even though it's not in ideal circumstances, sitting in a pot on a workbench waiting for a spot in the garden. There is a nice apple and rose fragrance, and the petals are holding up well in the heat.

Any ideas much appreciated. Thanks!!!!

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