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Architects Input Needed for 80's contemporary facelift!

I am looking to update this 1980s style contemporary home into something new/fresh. It screams 80s. Was thinking of tearing off the second floor and squaring off the home in the front (install a 3rd garage stall).

See below for my thoughts. I was thinking of tearing off the 2nd floor and moving the entire front wall of the home where the arrows are to line up (square off the front of the home) with the portion of the home sitting furtherest most to the front (the part circled). I would gain full first and second floor in the area of the home extended forward. As well as a third garage stall and a full second story of the front room in the right of the picture (angled ceiling) that is just first floor space now.

I was thinking of something similar to the home below but on the left hand side it would be different as I would extend the master bedroom above the 3rd garage still (on the front end of the home) as the master is currently above the garage.

What are your thoughts/ideas?

Below are pictures of the home currently.

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