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July OBF "Friends are flowers in the Garden of life"

3 months ago

This month is going to be a simple swap. We are going to send two cards.

One card is going to be sent to your partner with a little surprise include something small that fits in the envelope with one small pack of seeds (10-15 seeds) and can be mailed with one or two postage stamps. Some ideas could be stickers, tea bags, sachet, papercraft. There are actually lots of ideas if you google small gifts that fit in a envelope.

The second card you send will be only a card and I will send you the name and address for this card. We are sending this card to a former Houzz/Gardenweb friend that has not joined in for a long while. We will just send a card because they may have moved or had life changes where the card could be returned but we are going to attempt to reconnect and let our old garden friends know that we still think of them.

Please join by 7/7 and please send by 7/25.

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