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Double Duty - Master Suite & Her Office

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Background - The upstairs of my home was converted from 3 rooms to a large master suite with a balcony overlooking the main level. Works great if you only need a master away from everyone.

My Dilemma - I work from home and need an office that is isolated. The master suite has a seating area that works for this need. However, the aesthetics of this situation have a lot to be desired.

It is functional, but I would like more. I did “attempted” to use my procreate app to insert a partition (122 inches) just as a visual aide - I included the photo.

I don’t want to build a wall. I like that the ceiling is high and open. My concern is a wall would box the master in and take away the natural light.

Any suggestions? Also, what do you think of the partition idea?

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