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White oak floors - Bona Drifast vs NordicSeal? Mega vs Traffic?

Gene Gerzhoy
last month

We are having around 2500 sqft of select plainsaw 4" white oak installed in a home we are renovating. My general contractor recommended we use Bona DriFast with a Mega Satin finish. My wife and I want the wood to have a scandinavian look, slightly pale, but not hazy. We also want to avoid ANY ambering or yellowing, and I've read that oil-modified products (which I believe Drifast is) can do that. Does anyone have experience with DriFast vs. the sealers (e.g., Nordic)? Does DriFast yellow over time? If we went with Nordic, is one coat sufficient?

We have a cat and a toddler, and plan to get a dog and have another baby in the future, so durability is important, but I've also read that Traffic HD is overkill vs Mega (especially Mega Clear HD). My GC also said he's seen examples of Traffic HD cracking because it was so hard. I've also seen some reviews suggesting it can look plasticky, which I would hate. I love the beauty of wood texture, and don't want to lose that. Would love advice!

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