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How do I keep water from getting between brick and windows?

Elizabeth D
last month

I have windows in my brick home that are installed with a piece of trim/flashing (?) that I'm not familiar with. Each side of the window has a brown corner piece that has one side extending OUT from the house. It fits pretty tightly against the brick except every mortar space between each brick SEEMS like it would be letting water in toward the house. Is the spot between the brown strip and the brick supposed to be caulked in some way, or would you expect that with this installation type there's some type of water barrier behind it, deeper in the wall/wall opening? I'm not sure how to maintain these windows and be sure they are keeping water out! I have a few with wet spots underneath them on the inside wall and am not sure what my next move should be. Anybody know anything about the best practices with this kind of window? Thank you!

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