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Using Mulch Under Oak Trees: what do I do with the oak leaves?

5 months ago

I have a garden bed that is underneath 8 large oak trees. It has azaleas, gold dust plants, liriope, hosta, and mahonia planted in it, so I want to keep it weeded. But the thick layer of oak leaves that drops every fall makes it very difficult to weed (virginia creeper, poison ivy, redbud seedlings, etc.).

What would you do? Commit to blowing the oak leaves out every fall and use mulch? Or just live with the oak leaf layer? If so, how would you keep it weeded? I strongly prefer not to use Roundup.

If we put down a layer of mulch, we won't be able to rake the leaves out without raking out the mulch too. But after a good rain, oak leaves become difficult to blow because they turn into a mat. Experience or advice appreciated!

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