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Three Katherines...

...and the effect of lighting/sun exposure.

I have several 'Katherine Lewis' potted up and in different locations of the lot. Thought it would be interesting to see how light affects the overall colouration. The first one is one I have in full open shade, pot-in-pot under a rhododendron in the front yard.

You can see some instability happening at around the 3 o'clock position but I rather suspect that will prove to be transitory and likely will not see it again next year. I've had this variety since about 2008 and have not seen any sporting from it.

This one is on the other side of the carport and receives direct sun until around 1PM this time of year. The variegation is quite a bit brighter but does not result in any burns.

And finally this one sits in pretty much full sun all day this time of year. It's got the brightest variegation and later on in the season that will have gone almost completely white, just a hint of cream.

We're all quite familiar with how variable 'June ' is, depending on sun exposure. While not my personal experience, 'June' is prone to reverting back to 'Halcyon', and the 'June' we know as 'Touch of Class' certainly has been prone to sporting for me into 'Touch of Class'. So for me with this other 'Halcyon' sport I have not seen any of that, but YMMV.


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