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240v/50A run for induction cooktop - code question(s)

Dale Herman
last month

Kitchen currently has a downdraft gas cooktop in a large 20' ceiling space. Due to Asthma and other reasons, would like to replace with an induction model. Issue is that there is currently only 10ga (30A) wire. There is no way to pull 6ga through the walls without major ripping. The electrician is running a new 50A line from the breaker to the pool area for a heat pump and noticed that the potentially unused downdraft vent would be a "convenient" place to run the new cables ( or conduit) to the cooktop. I only mentioned the pool wires since he would be running a new conduit along the same wall...

From some digging, I understand that electrical wire cannot be run through vents. If the "vent" is no longer being used, is it OK? Would old grease, etc need to be cleaned out? Would this be again code since someone could re-use the vent later? Is this just a really bad idea?

Thanks in advance.

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