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Livingroom dilema

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Dear Houzz's,

I am trying to redecorate my living room and I am having troubles identifying where to create a seating area in that space and what type of furniture I should buy. I am thinking that maybe the corner between the 2 windows would be a good spot but I am not sure if I should buy a sectional in L shape or a couch and 2 armchars. I guess my big dilema is if I should block the big window with a sectional or if I should consider blocking it half or not at all. The ceiling is split in 2 parts by a concrete beam and the each part has its own ligthning socket right in the middle. Just so you make an idea the room is about 197'' x 157'' - plenty of room and still feels like is not enough. The space under the small window is about 126''. On the wall oposing the big window I am planning to mount a TV and under I will have a TV stand. Please ignore the stuff on the floor that I was not able to remove at the time I took the photos.

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