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Truss calculation missing in county records

Kalpana Bansal
last month

We had our Roof, Truss, Nailing inspection and the inspector disapproved with comments that "city approved truss calculations were not present onsite".

I tried to get info from my GC and he said somehow inspector couldn't find truss calculation in system.

When we submitted our architectural plans, truss calculation was a deffered submittal and explained this to GC. I thought either him or the truss company will submit these calculations.

Questions :

1. Is it possible truss company build trusses without even getting the approval from city ?

2. Now that the roof is already built without truss calculation approval, what are the risks. Is it possible city might reject the whole truss package and contractor has to remove and rebuild whole roof again ?

3. Generally how long it takes for truss calculation approval (We are in santa clara county unincorporated area).


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