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What can we do with our kitchen? Add island? Change something?

Hi! we bought this house 3 years ago and we just had the hardwoods refinished, and the cabinets and walls painted. My issue is this: there is too much space in the middle of the kitchen. The previous owner left us a portable island on wheels that I may keep, but I need to repaint and clean it up if I do. I’ve been using it but do you think we have room for a permanent island to be put in? There is only 7 feet 1 inch between the two sides. I called a guy about making an island and he said we need 3 feet clearance on both sides.

I personally would like to add countertop space and bring it out to make an L-shape from the sink. Our house plan was supposed to have that. We do not want to spend a lot of money remodeling though, we have already spent a lot. What would you do with this kitchen?

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