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Healthy Lifestyle Progress - Week of 6/26

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Ok I'll start.

I am staying for three nights in a nice hotel about three hours from home. It's in a pretty nice small town adjacent to some recreational areas. I am combining a personal business trip with a three day quarantine as a safety precaution after my husband returns from a family visit out of state. He's not sick but we are going to quarantine for three days then test before returning to our relative bubble. We can't afford to get sick and neither can my 90 yr. old father. Hubs was with unvaccinated kids and their friends and other unvaccinated adjacent family.

I have business Monday and Tuesday but today, (Sunday) is free. I brought some things to do and there is a pool and I can go for walks and explore the town, and I packed food but it's still less than ideal. The hotel offers free bakery chocolate chip cookies and the adjacent restaurant has almost nothing low calorie/fat to eat. The food I packed is mostly uninspiring because that's all I could take out of my home fridge. I forgot a few things too . . .

So I'm having trouble staying on track. Yesterday I ate breakfast and lunch at home, stopped on the road at a Culver's drive through. I didn't want to get out of the car, and also because I thought they might have a fish basket. They didn't but they did offer just fried shrimp which I got because it was a treat for me and also within my calorie budget. Today I have a whole day of just me and some temptations. Obviously will try and keep busy and distracted.

On the plus side, I can now fit comfortably back into my size 12 clothes. I have reached my first goal of being under 145, which is the maximum weight for me in the "not overweight" range. I'm clocking in fairly regularly at 141.

I can see that this trip might be a derailment which will bum me out. So much sacrifice and so many months of dieting, and a couple of days off the wagon and weeks of weight loss can be erased. (I normally lose about 1 lb or less a week).

Also, the hotel has two large well-lit, full-length mirrors, and when I look at myself sans clothes (something I don't do often at home) I can see that somehow I need to tone up, particularly with posture and core issues. I have never been successful at that. I also hate that my arms look so flabby. The wrinkled skin doesn't bother me as much as the obvious lack of muscle tone.

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