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Sam, in human years

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In human years, Sam is about 94 years old!
He’s 13 years and 8 months old. I figured 7 human years for every dog year, put in some fractions, add pi, divided by a Golden Mean, used all my fingers and toes, rounded up and arrived at 94 years, give or take a couple full moons!

Maths have never been my strong suite.

He’s been so happy today, even though he did not get to go out on the prairie with Wes and Bella this morning.

He’s bright-eyed, with strong teeth, no halitosis, thick shiny hair, fast growing toenails and has been eating his dry food like a Champ lately.

He drinks 2+ gallons of water a day. The vet has him slowly “slimming” right now. He has 4 cups of food daily split into two 2-cup meals. He get 2-3 large Milk Bones daily.

At his last vet visit he had excellent liver and kidney function with a strong heartbeat.

He fetches everything I drop in the house - dish cloths and towels, utensils, socks, pens, spice bottles, hair brushes, items of laundry. He’s very handy!

When Wes is firing shotgun shells, Sam runs around and picks up all the empty cases. He was not “taught” this; he just enjoys doing it. He still points and finds birds.

His bones are stiff; he walks funny, and we have to restrict his running and jumping about the prairie at times.

His hearing is mostly gone - but he never really listened to us much anyway. He has slight cataracts but the Vet doesn’t think they are affecting him at all so no surgery there for now.

He has had some skin issues since he was a puppy, but it’s mostly under control with no medications needed. He takes two Rimadyls daily for his arthritis.

Here’s my fuzzy-faced Baby Boy today.

He’s such a ray of sunshine.

His beard is getting longer and longer. The hair on his back knees now resembles exploded Brillo pads.

He’s “Simply the Best!” (Because Harry the Perfect! Is in Heaven.)

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