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Nail bed obliteration. Any experience?

last month

This is kind of an icky subject for some, since it involves feet, but does anybody have any experience with nail bed obliteration?

Due to some peripheral nerve damage, I have an infantile reflex in one of my feet where my toes splay rather than clench, and when I walk, my great toe curls upward. So the constant upward motion of my toe means that I get chronic bleeding under the nail bed and separation of the nail, layers of nails growing etc. My great toenail almost always looks like your nail does when you hit it with a hammer. If I wear sneakers 100% of the time a normal nail will grow (like during covid), but a single day of wearing dress shoes will be enough to damage the nail again. This is something that has actually gotten worse as I get older. But I also know messing with the great toe can have an impact on the way you walk.

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