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Turtle in my pond?

I looked out my window a few minutes ago, and saw a wild turtle or tortoise drop in to my pond!

My water is nearly black, but I fished around with my net and got him out. I sat him on the rocks (my net wasn't strong enough to hold him and was about to break), but he panicked and jumped (or fell) back in.

I saw he had claws on all 4 feet, and didn't see flippers. Otherwise I have no idea what kind of turtle this is.

Once he's in, though, there's no way out other than climbing 3' of liner and shuffling over the river rock at the top. Or swimming at the top and grabbing hold of liner, I guess.

If he's aquatic then I guess he's eating my goldfish, which sucks. But I really like turtles, and don't want him to drown if he's not aquatic, either.

What to do?

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