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Big renovation work , are we doing it right?

last month

Hi, we have been living in this house for 10 years and have been working on the design to remodel based on what we want/need and come up with a design. Is this the right design/layout? can it be done a different way ?

Here are our few main criteria/design choices:

1. Current basement stair are below the upstairs stairs and We moved the basement stairs to the new location for a few reasons - garage is under the family room, and currently going from the garage to upstairs requires going through half the basement with snowy and dirty shoes. Also, the current stairs are in the middle of the basement, and would like more open space in the basement for one larger room in the basement

2. our family room is facing north (left side) and doesn't get any sun. we live in the cold weather area and would like to get more sun/light in the family room. That is why incorporating the 3 season sunroom into the family room.

3. the dining room is small and dark, and does not get used much.

4. Also really like to have a mudroom area in the house.

Existing Plan

Proposed Plans

Thanks for your input.

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