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Refinish red oak floors - oil vs UV cure?

last month
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I have been procrastinating refinishing my floors for quite some time.

Ive read several posts about Bona Traffic HD, and how to make the floors look natural. i do like this look, but these red oak floors butt against oil finished white oak in a doorway, the rooms are visible from each other. i do not want to refinish the whole house, so my goal is a similar finish between the rooms.

I searched in NWFA’s website and had the 2 contractors within a 50 mile radius quote the job. One quoted Polo Plaz oil, the other ProCoat RadCoat.

I have not read either of these finish names in posts here before. i realize neither are the ”gold standard” but Im not in a metropolitan area and dont have endless choices.

Any feedback on these products would be greatly appreciated.

Im willing to pay the upgrade for the UV product if it is superior.

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