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COREtec Feedback Wanted

Karen B
last month
last modified: last month


My husband and I need to get new flooring due to a water disaster. We want to go LVP due to pets. The company we are using highly recommends COREtec. We had been considering Blended Sienna but the wait for it is a couple months and we needed new flooring last week! We are also looking at Manila Oak, Gold Coast Acacia and Red River Hickory - we like the colors but we are afraid the matte finish will be hard to keep clean/unscratched. I read some negative reviews on Gold Coast Acacia and Red River HIckory which is making us lean towards Manila Oak. (I know they are all very diffrent colors.)

Does anyone have experience with any of these colors? or any light to medium colors you have and love?

Manila Oak -

- does this look too yellow?

Gold Coast Acacia -

Red River Hickory -

Additionally, our decor is mid century modern, so we are trying as best we can to pick something that compliments the warm wood colors in our furniture.

Thank you in advance for any advice and feedback! :)

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