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What color siding for this house?

Dyan Weis
last month

Due to recent storm, our daughter and her new husband need new siding and asked for help picking a color.


Pic was taken before the new landscaping was installed (new pic won't work with the color selection website so we are using this older pic).

New outdoor lighting has already been installed. Landscaping was removed and replaced.

They really don't want to have to paint the trim around the windows. They already had to completely gut the inside of this home. They are 25 and just married. $$$

Roof is black.

They want something completely different than what they have (no taupe).

He is leaning towards white (I don't know how that would work with this trim). She wants blue or yellow. It is KP Siding.

I'm at a loss. Need advice - thanks!

What they have now:

New lights that were already installed:

Color Choices:

Some pics we made on the website:

Appreciate your friendly help! :)

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