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ordered kitchen set and the table wood doesn't match other pieces

Peggy Hackshaw
8 days ago

I special ordered a new table with leaf,server and five chairs .I went to several stores to look at their sample of the color I wanted to order.I specifically talked with the sales person about the finish and said I wanted it to look like the sample they had and to request it from the manufacturer.When I got the order the chairs and server looked the same color family as the sample.The table...the main focal point is lighter...yellower and almost redder that the browner other pieces.We accepted it on delivery because the truckers came early and we had an appointment to get to.We had called the day before also and the girl at the store we talked to said the finish would have the blacker overlay on it to make it like the sample...she had called the manufacturer to be sure.We also never dreamed that they would send non matching pieces.Now they are saying the want to see more pics again to see if the table meets their finishing standards for that particular stain.They said because it has more planks than the server,it will look different...although the server is flat and also has planks.What am I to do?They are setting me up to do nothing about it by making these statements.Has anyone ever had such an issue.??The set was quite expensive.If I had known the pieces would not match,I never would have bought it...I will show pictures...First pic is the store sample...second shows chair up against table.Third is table in the light .Fourth is server.Would you be happy with the table and if not,how would you get them to fix it.??

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