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Suggestion for a companion to Purple Heart and Mondo grass

I have a full sun border that goes between my walkway and front yard. On the opposite side of the walkway is a much larger garden, so I want this border to be short and subtle enough that you can easily see the larger garden past it, but I also want it to be pretty.

Right now I have Mondo Grass* about every 5 feet, with a landscape light between each bunch. It's functional and it's evergreen, but also pretty bland.

My thought is to add Creeping Jenny** to the front and back to add some bright color, then I can plant Purple Heart*** (Tradescantia pallida, I have tons) next to each bunch of mondo grass.

But I need something else to go between the Purple Heart and the landscape light.

The ideal plant would have colorful foliage (pink, white, red, or orange would be great), and be around 1' tall. Since the Purple Heart dies back in the winter then this plant doesn't need to be evergreen, either. But if not then it needs to be able to grow through the Creeping Jenny.

The finished layout would be mondo grass - purple heart - this plant - landscape light - this plant - purple heart - mondo grass. And then repeat, over and over down the walkway.

If you don't like that then I also have tons of bulb flowers, speedwell, rose campion, and Autumn Joy sedum that I can use. But I was afraid that they would be too tall and take away from the larger garden. I also have Lemon Ball stonecrop**** that I can prune and plant cuttings, but I haven't had a lot of luck with it surviving my winter (it's supposed to be hardy in my zone, but that's not been my experience).

Thoughts or suggestions?

* Mondo Grass:

** Creeping Jenny:

*** Purple Heart:

**** Lemon Ball:

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